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2022 Headlines

November, 2022: The Hume Center is Now an APPIC Internship Training Site!

May, 2022:

Love Conquers All: A World Premier Film Event to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month!

Act Now! Website Allows Feedback to be Sent Directly to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and Alameda County Behavioral Health Leadership

Hume Center has been Accepted as Members of APPIC

April, 2022: 

Case Managers to Care Coordinators: Updating a Job Title in Honor of the Dignity of Those We Serve and the Legacy of Jay Mahler

Natasha Molony, PhD, Hume Center's Director of Training, Has Been Accepted to the Board of BAPIC

Women in the Front Seat, a film by Hume supporter Indy Saini, to Premiere at Las Vegas Film Festival

2021 Headlines

Octoberr, 2021: Free Improv Show 11/6/21 at 7:30pm on Zoom! (donations support Hume Center's Housing Programs)

September, 2021: Emergency Rental Assistance Program Info Session (Interpretation in Punjabi) on September 9, 2021

July, 2021

Hume Center wins the Empowerment Award

South Asian Community Forum, July 22, in Six Languages

Alameda County Emergency Rental Assistance Program Information Meeting on July 29, 2021

The Power of Support and Advocacy in Peer Mental Health

Join Hume's Coping Strategies Series This Friday at 5pm on Zoom: Resilience

June, 2021

COVID-19 Rent Relief!

June, 2021 eNewsletter

May, 2021

Stop the Hate: A Conversation About Anti-Asian Hate & Behavioral Health Event

Building a Warrior: Mind, Body, and Spirit Series

April, 2021: Ek Saath: A Weekly Healing Virtual Space for those Worried about COVID-19 in India and the US

March, 2021: 5th Annual South Asian Mental Health Conference

February, 2021:

February, 2021 eNewsletter

Hume marks Chinese New Year with a Guqin Performance

Are You Interested in Training at The Hume Center?

January, 2021: January, 2021 eNewsletter 

2020 Headlines

November, 2020: November, 2020 eNewsletter

October, 2020:

SPIRIT is the Hope in the Behavioral Health System: Application Deadline Extended

October, 2020 eNewsletter

Join Hume's Relationship Series on Zoom about Friendship and Getting Ready for Romance, continuing on 10/14/2020 on Zoom!

September, 2020:

Second September, 2020 eNewsletter

Free Improv Show 9/26/2020 at 7:30pm on Zoom! (donations support Hume Center)

September, 2020 eNewsletter

Join Hume's Relationship Series on Zoom: Making Friends, Developing Best Friends, and Getting Ready for Romance

Join Hume's Coping Strategies Series Every Friday at 5pm on Zoom

August, 2020:

August, 2020 eNewsletter

Join TogetherWell for a Discussion about Bias and Challenges During Graduate School

Hume Helps Reimagine Mental Health Care

Join Hume's Coping Strategies Series Every Friday at 5pm on Zoom

July, 2020:

Second July, 2020 eNewsletter

Join TogetherWell for a Discussion about Bias and Challenges During Graduate School

Join Hume's Coping Strategies Series Every Friday at 5pm on Zoom

Support Groups forming on Zoom in English, Farsi, Hindi, Nepali, and Punjabi

July, 2020 eNewsletter

June, 2020:

Hume Center invites you to Celebrate Juneteenth with Us Today....Twice!

Second June, 2020 eNewsletter

Hume Alumni Have Launched a Platform to Connect Mental Health Experts to Communities

June, 2020 eNewsletter

May, 2020

Lunchtime Persian Dance on Zoom on 6/4/2020!

Third May, 2020 eNewsletter

Lunchtime Comedy with Hollywood's Lenny Schmidt on 5/28/2020

Lunchtime Zoom Concert on 5/21/2020

Second May, 2020 eNewsletter

Watch the Summer Breeze Concert for Community Wellness on 5/29/2020 at 5:30pm

Lunchtime Zoom Concert on 5/14/2020

May, 2020 eNewsletter

Lunchtime Zoom Concerts on 5/5/2020 and 5/7/2020

Stay Connected through these Fun Events for All on Zoom in May!

April, 2020: 

Fourth April, 2020 eNewsletter

Lunchtime Zoom Improv on 4/30/2020

Third April, 2020 eNewsletter

Hume Phoenix Center is Moving Into Hume's Concord Clinic 4/24/2020

Lunchtime Vocals for Community Wellness on 4/23/2020

Second April, 2020 eNewsletter

Support Groups forming on Zoom in Hindi, Punjabi, and Farsi

April, 2020 eNewsletter

Stay Connected through these Fun Events for All on Zoom in April!

Ways to Cope with Strong Feelings Related to COVID-19

Youth Vitality, Attention, and Positivity In Our Challenging Environment

February, 2020: 

Criminal Justice Reform for Individuals Diagnosed with Behavioral Health Needs

February, 2020 eNewsletter

January, 2020: January, 2020 eNewsletter

2019 Headlines

November, 2019: 

November, 2019 eNewsletter

Hume Receives Innovation Award with County and State Recognition

Meji Singh, PhD to discuss "What Does It Mean to be Sikh?"

October, 2019: Contra Costa Behavioral Health "Busts Stigma" with Brenden Theatre Event!

September, 2019: Laugh to Support The Hume Center on October 5, 2019!

June, 2019: 

June, 2019 eNewsletter

Hume Center continues the work of Phoenix Center

May, 2019: May, 2019 eNewsletter

2018 Headlines

September, 2018: 25th Anniversary Gala

August, 2018: Consumer Council Update

July, 2018: 

Chris Celio Wins 2018 Hope Award

TEDx Speaker Trains Hume Program

Leadership in Local Community Development

Starting Emotional Wellness Dialogues with South Asian Youth

June, 2018: Poster Session: Reduce Behavioral Health Stigma in the South Asian Community

May, 2018: 

Hume Offering Emotional Wellness Summer Camp for Children

Hume Hosting NAMI's Peer to Peer Course in June

April, 2018: 

April, 2018 Hume Highlights eNewsletter

Mental Health First Aid Class on 5/4/18

March, 2018: Intake Coordinator Streamlining Services in Concord and other Contra Costa clinics at Hume Center

February, 2018:

Hume Director to Present on Trauma, Depression, Suicide, Substance Use, and Bullying at March Conference

South Asian Prevention Contract Extended!

January, 2018: Join us for another Stakeholder Meeting at our Pittsburg Office

2017 Headlines

December, 2017: Community Healing Through Storytelling

November, 2017:

Hume's Founder Published Book for Peace!

First Course rated 10 out of 10

October, 2017: Victoria Featured in The Advocate

September, 2017: Laugh to Support The Hume Center on September 22, 2017

August, 2017: 

Chris Celio wins 2017 Hope Award

Art Group Brings Comfort in Richmond

May, 2017: 

Join us for a Stakeholder Meeting at our Pittsburg Office

Hume Thanks GBFOA for Ten Years of Golf Tournaments!

2016 Headlines

July, 2016:

July, 2016 Hume Highlights eNewsletter

Laugh to Support The Hume Center on August 19, 2016

PhotoVoice brings Artistic Healing

Level II Pilot Program IICOP Sunsetted after Five Years

June, 2016:

Hume Center Building Provider Network with Community Partners

June, 2016 Hume Highlights eNewsleetter

April, 2016: Hume Partners with Youth Volunteers for Autism Speaks Event

February, 2016: February, 2016 Hume Highlights eNewsletter

2015 Headlines

December, 2015: December, 2015 Hume Highlights eNewsletter

October, 2015: October, 2015 Hume Highlights eNewsletter

May, 2015: May, 2015 Hume Highlights eNewsletter

April, 2015: Hume Awarded Special Congressional Recognition

February, 2015: 2015 Fundraising Letter

January, 2015:

Join Hume for a Bullying Town Hall Meeting

Softball for Hope, Soccer for Togetherness

2014 Headlines

December, 2014: December, 2014 Hume Highlights Newsletter

September, 2014: Team Hume Plays Soccer for Hope and Community

August, 2014

August, 2014 Hume Highlights Newsletter

Laugh to Support The Hume Center on October 3rd, 2014

Team Hume to try for the Hope Cup in Community Softball Tournament!

Hume Proud to Host Nami Peer-to-Peer Recovery Education Course

Brian Newton, PsyD Hosts Two Poster Sessions at APA

July, 2014:

July, 2014 Hume Highlights Newsletter

President Joty Sikand, PsyD Awarded National Honor

Dr. Natasha Radojevic honored with The Commitment to Students Award

School Based Services Expand to Provide Continuum of Care

June, 2014: 

Program Manager Leslie Miao's Team Wins 2nd Place at Golf Tournament

June, 2014 Hume Highlights Newsletter

Will You Join Over 80 Golfers and 21 Companies at the Golf Tournament?

May, 2014: Join Team Hume as we Support Walk Now for Autism Speaks on May 3!

April, 2014: Three Honored for Hume's Innovative South Asian Program!

March, 2014: 

Join Team Hume as we Walk Out of the Darkness on April 14!

We'll See You on the Links! Date for 2014 Golf Tournament Announced

February, 2014: 

Dr. Natasha Molony presents at Center for Healthy Schools and Communities Annual Conference

Stress Management Workshop on April 3!

January, 2014

Invitation to Mental Wellness Night with the Sharks

Inspiring Submissions lead to Touching Art Show

Our Fremont Clinic Has Moved

2013 Headlines

December, 2013: Submit Your Art to be Displayed at Mental Wellness Night!

November, 2013: Sponsor Mental Wellness Night

October, 2013:

October, 2013 Hume Highlights Newsletter

Consumer Speakers Program Inspires Hope

September, 2013: Spreading the Word about our South Asian Community Health Promotion Services Program

August, 2013: Laugh to Support The Hume Center on November 1st, 2013

July, 2013:

George Hu, PsyD to Present Twice at APA Convention in Hawaii

BCS Staff Psychologist Job Posting

June, 2013:

June, 2013 Hume Highlights Newsletter

Raman Kular, PhD Presenting Cultural Research at APA Conference in Hawaii

Want to Work at The Hume Center?

The Hume Center thanks Golf Tournament Hosts and Sponsors

Different, Not Less: BCS Advocates for Autism Awareness

May, 2013: George Hu, PsyD selected by APA to attend Psychology Summer Institute

April, 2013:

April 2013 Hume Highlights Newsletter

A Look at one of our Training Curriculums

March, 2013:

The Hume Center’s Hillary Burke delivers Keynote Address at Conference for Teens

Alameda County Outpatient Program Expands Services for Children; Implements New Online Charting Tool

February, 2013: Update: Integrated Intenstive Community Outpatient Program

January, 2013: BCS Will Now Help Determine Least Restrictive Environment


2012 Headlines

December, 2012: We'll See You on the Links! Date for 2013 Golf Tournament Announced

November, 2012: Alumn Organizes Yoga Fundraiser to Support Fremont Clinic

October, 2012:

October, 2012 Hume Highlights Newsletter

Program Evaluation & Research Opportunities at The Hume Center

September, 2012: Founder Dr. Meji Singh to speak at SFPA Conference

August, 2012: Successful Summer of Fundraising and Community Outreach

July, 2012:

July, 2012 Hume Highlights Newsletter

Management Structure Reorganized to Accomodate Recent Expansion

June, 2012: Post-Graduate Training in Mental Health Consultation Expanded

May, 2012:

May, 2012 Hume Highlights Newsletter

Local & national businesses support The Hume Cente for the Fifth Year

April, 2012: The Hume Center’s New Pilot Program is helping to Bridge the Gap