Consumer Council Update

Hume Center’s Community Support Program East launched an exciting stakeholder process this year that doubles as a Pre-Vocational Training Program. The council is facilitated by the program’s Peer Specialist, Amelia Wood. Consumers interview for six-month terms on the council and during their term they provide feedback on Hume’s programs while also exploring their own personal development opportunities. The current council is now on month five and so far has planned and an outing for Hume consumers and created a budget for it, discussed services that the consumers would like to see provided by The Hume Center, and explored questions related to how to lessen the barriers to employment. During the last meeting, one simple question was asked, “What does good hygiene look like and what were some barriers one might face to achieving that?” The council was very insightful on what barriers people might face and what one might do to conquer these barriers. During the next meeting, they will be putting together and working on resumes and discussing job and interview tips. The current six-month term will conclude with an exciting outing that was planned and budgeted by a consumer.  Both staff and consumers alike felt that this was a very fun and enlightening meeting and cannot wait for another council to form.