Training Team

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Our Training Team from 2018-2019.

The role of the supervisor is to develop an effective relationship, the supervisor performs the following functions: Leadership, Mentoring, Monitoring, and Collaboration with Directors and our leadership teams on a regular basis. The supervisory support structure is set up both on an individual basis and group forum. Throughout all the levels of the Hume Center, there is supervisory support structures that incorporates the practice of mental health consultation to empower supervisees to work effectively in their positions. Supervisors also ensure that supervisees fulfill their commitments, meet work deadlines, stay task-focused, follow channels of communication in decision-making, and embrace a problem-solving attitude rather than a fault-finding attitude. 

Meet Our Training Team
Joty Sikand, PsyD
License # PSY21897
At Hume Since 1997
R.K. Janmeja "Meji" Singh, PhD
Founding President
License # PSY2984
Founded Hume in 1993
Leslie Miao, MS
Director of Compliance/Director of Psychiatry
At Hume Since 2003
Christopher J. Celio, PsyD
       Director of Clinical Programs 
License # PSY23348
Bio  |  At Hume Since 2007
Natasha Molony
Natasha Molony, PhD
Director of Training
License # PSY24693
At Hume Since 2009
Libby Pearce
Elizabeth Pearce, PsyD
Clinical Supervisor
License # PSY26090
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez, PsyD
Program Coordinator
Margaret Schiltz
Margaret Schiltz, PsyD
Program Manager 
License # PSY28446
Monica Sunzeri
Monica Sunzeri, MS, BCBA
Program Manager
License # 1-15-20970
At Hume Since 2012

Courtney Meier
Courtney E. Meier, PsyD
Program Coordinator
License # PSY30884
At Hume Since 2010
Reynold Fujikawa, PsyD
Program Manager
License # PSY26782

Priya Aslam, LPCC
Program Manager
License # LPCC4377
At Hume since 2013 
Raymond (Joe) Nickerson, PsyD, MFT
Clinical Supervisor
License # MFC47165
Pooja Rupani, PsyD
Program Manager
License # PSY30222
Ilyanne Hernandez
Functional Supervisor

Jessica Martins, PsyD
Clinical Supervisor
License # 30504

Preet Sabharwal, PsyD
Functional Supervisor


Lindsey Osterman, PsyD
Clinical Supervisor
Licence # PSY29172