Senior Management Team

Organizational Structure

The goal of The Hume Center is to implement the empowerment and enabling model of mental health administration to create a mutually supportive environment. It is very clear that people relate to people and not to abstract notions of organization. Therefore, the Board of Directors, the Management Team and Supervisory relationship is the cement that binds the organization together. To develop an effective working relationship the clarity of organization structures, procedures and processes is essential. These are described in our Administrative Procedural Manual.

Management Team Structure

The Hume Center structured its management structure to accomodate the expansion of the agency. The President is the facilitator of the Senior Management Team. The President and each member set the agenda. The Senior Management Team practices participatory empowerment management under the leadership of the President. It is the executive decision-making body that runs the day-to-day operations of The Hume Center under the leadership of the President. The President is a liaison between the Board of Directors and this team. The team provides support to the Program representatives and the President. The members then provide supervision and support to the Program Heads, Clinical Supervisors, and other staff in the programs in their supervision.

Senior Management Team

Joty Sikand, PsyD

Bio  |  At Hume Since 1997

Fawada Mojaddidi
Vice President of Administrative Operations
Bio  |  At Hume Since 1999

Leslie Miao, MS
Director of Compliance
Bio  |  At Hume Since 2003

Christopher J. Celio, PsyD
Vice President of Clinical Operations
Bio |  At Hume Since 2007

Monica Sunzeri, BCBA

Director of Behavioral Health Information Systems
At Hume Since 2012


Courtney Meier, PsyD
Director of Clinical Programs
At Hume Since 2010
Kelly Hwang, CPA
Finance Manager
Bio  |  At Hume Since 2016
Attends Management Team as Needed