Team Hume to try for the Hope Cup in Community Softball Tournament!

Under the leadership of the Putnam Clubhouse, eight agencies have come together to form the first annual Hope and Empowerment Mental Health Community Softball Tournament! Taking place on August 22, 2014 at Willow Pass Community Softball Fields 2 and 3, the tournament will include lunch, dessert, inclusive softball, community, and great times!

The tournament will utilize the modified rules developed by the Putnam Clubhouse so that most people will feel comfortable playing softball together in a relaxed, inclusive atmosphere. We know the message of empowerment, inclusion, hope, and togetherness will be obvious as providers, consumers, and family members play side by side on all eight teams. The teams competing will include Team Hume, the Putnam Clubhouse, Contra Costa County's Office of Consumer Empowerment, Rainbow Community Center, East County Adult Mental Health Clinic, Recovery Innovations, Contra Costa Health Services, and Crestwood Behavioral Health.

The event will start out with a large scale pot-luck lunch at 11:30, with all the food, drinks, and desserts provided by the eight agencies. Then there will be two games on each field. The four winners of these games will play in the semi-finals and then the tournament will end with the Championship Game to determine who wins the Inaugural Hope Cup!

There are two fliers for this event:

1. Click here to download a generic flier for the event.
2. Click here to download the Join Team Hume flier to find out how to sign up for our team and what color to wear to the event if you want to root us on!