Hume's Last Lunchtime Event had a World-Wide Audience!

June 4, 2020 with Shahrzad Dance Company

The 2020 Lunchtime Self-Care Event Series ended on 6/4/2020 with a beautiful dance performance by Shahrzad Dance Company (SDC) that was watched by people from all over the world, including the United States, Iran, and elsewhere. Shahrzad Dance Company is a dance ensemble based in Berkeley, and hosts a group of dancers and choreographers dedicated to exploring the depth of classical and contemporary Persian dance. The company has the mission of promoting the art of Persian dance, while bridging cultural gaps, helping Iranian-Americans establish their culture within the greater community. The company did four solo dances and the presented a video montage showing the four of them dancing together while being apart in different locations. It was a masterful and inspiring dance performance!

Directed by Shahrzad Khorsandi, author of The Art of Persian Dance, SDC performs at various events locally and nationwide. The company can be found on Facebook at and information about classes and performances is on their website at:


We hope you have enjoyed these weekly diversions. We hope you continue to find ways to stay connected and stay healty.


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Did you miss our workshop on how to cope with strong feelings due to COVID-19? Click here to download the powerpoint slides for the presentation as a PDF. Feel free to distribute to whoever you'd like.