Program Summary

South Asian Community Health Promotion Services

Program Manager:
Preet Sabharwal, PsyD
To Contact This Program:
Call (510) 745-9151.
This Service is Offered at:
Our Fremont Clinic and our Hayward and Pleasanton Satellite Clinics. This service is also offered in the community and at various cultural, community, and faith centers.
Services are available in English, Farsi, Hindi, Nepali, Punjabi, Kannada, and Telugu
Download our Brochure:
Eligibility Criteria:
Persons from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka
Services are Provided by:
Staff members and trainees receiving supervision by licensed psychologists.
Archived Headlines about this Program or its Staff Members:

Youth Vitality, Attention, and Positivity In Our Challenging Environment

On April 7, 2020, Hume's Preet Sabharwal, PsyD and Alex Sanchez, PsyD facilitated a webinar in partnership with the India Community Center and Crack The Wellness Code titled Youth Vitality, Attention and Positivity In Our Challenging Environment. The webinar focused on providing a space for  youth to share their experiences as they face all the varied challenges that COVID-19 and the Stay Home Order have placed on them. This webinar, which was highly attended, gave youth direct access to ask questions about this unprecedented situation and process their feelings. The event gave youth opportunities to reflect on shared experiences and focused on how to stay positive and healthy during this challenging period in history. Look for Hume's Chris Celio, PsyD to follow in their footsteps on April 9, 2020 and continue Hume's collaboration with community partners as he  facilitates a discussion for adults facing strong emotions in the face of the pandemic and resulting conditions. Click on this link to learn more about that event and the other wonderful Zoom events we're hosting to help the community in April, 2020: Stay Connected through these Fun Events for All on Zoom in April!