Program Summary

Alameda County Adult Services

To Contact This Program:
Call (510) 745-9151.
This Service is Offered at:
In the Alameda County community and at our Fremont Clinic, Hayward Satellite Clinic, and Pleasanton Satellite Clinic.
Services are available in English, Cantonese, Farsi, Hindi, Mandarin, and Punjabi.
Eligibility Criteria:
Medi-Cal, Medicare, Medi-Medi, and some private health insurance with pre-authorization. We offer a Private Pay with Sliding Scale option with income verification.
Services are Provided by:
Staff and trainees receiving supervision by licensed psychologists.
Archived Headlines about This Program: 

Alameda County Adult Services

Staff and 2011-2012 Trainees of the Alameda County Outpatient Program

The Alameda County Adult Services serves individuals and families facing moderate to severe mental health issues. We treat a range of mental health issues from transient adjustment problems or grief to more long-term chronic mental illnesses. Our goal is to deliver appropriate and effective treatment to those suffering from psychological distress and to strengthen individual’s existing community resources and relationships. We work from a strength-based perspective and appreciate the cultural contributions of each individual.

Ultimately, we strive to understand the unique constellation of stressors faced by each individual and tailor treatment that is individualized. We often collaborate with other care providers when appropriate and treat illnesses from a team approach. Our team is composed of culturally-sensitive and compassionate master’s and doctoral level mental health clinicians. In addition, we have highly trained psychiatrists, case managers, and support staff providing adjunctive services. We offer services in English and multiple other languages including Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Spanish.

Getting Services and The Process:

We accept referrals over the phone and in-person. At the time of the referral, the receptionist checks insurance eligibility. Following a referral, an appointment with a Mental Health Specialist is set up to initiate services. After this Registration Appointment, the treating Clinician conducts an assessment over the course of 2-3 sessions to determine the best course of treatment and type(s) of service for particular concerns and presenting issues. Adjunctive services such as case management, psychiatric consultation, medication management, or group psychotherapy may be prescribed following the assessment phase.


  • Individual psychotherapy (children 6-18 years old; adults; older adults)
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy (please call our Fremont Clinic for a listing of current groups)
  • Psychiatric consultation and medication management
  • Case management services

Signs and Symptoms Treated:

  • Relationship issues
  • Adjustment to transitions
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression and other mood symptoms
  • Attention and behavioral problems
  • Emotional disturbances co-occurring with conditions such as developmental disabilities or substance-related issues
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Other psychological issues

Modes of Treatment:

We work from a team approach and develop an individualized plan of action for each client. Given the unique presentation of each individual/family, treatment varies according to the presenting issues. Some types of treatment include insight-oriented psychotherapy, art therapy, cognitive-behavioral interventions, consultation, narrative approaches, parent-child therapy, play therapy, and skills training.


This program is staffed by highly trained clinicians. The Hume Center is a recognized internship site and services are provided by staff members and trainees (Practicum students, Doctoral interns and Post-Doctoral fellows) who are supervised by licensed clinicians.

History of This Program

The Outpatient Clinic in Fremont serving Alameda County was established in 1998 with a mission of serving the underserved and unserved culturally diverse community of the area. The clinic began as a single-room office with one psychologist. Since that time, the Alameda County Outpatient Program has grown to a multidisciplinary team, including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, care managers, and mental health specialists, providing services in multiple languages.