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The Hume Center is committed to consistently improving and refining its delivery of services, as well as sharing discoveries with the broader field of Psychology. To accomplish this, we focus on developing our programs to meet specific needs with clear objectives to facilitate evaluation and strive to build evaluation and analysis components into all of our programs. Throughout this process of evaluation, we also look for opportunities to perform original research, which can further improve service delivery as well as be shared with other mental health professionals. Research opportunities exist in all programs and are encouraged at all levels within the agency, from trainees to staff.

Program Evaluation and Research Department Expanded

At the The Hume Center we strive to incorporate learning into everything we do as well as provide the highest quality services to the communities we serve. To better achieve these goals, we have worked to build in an evaluation and research component into each of our programs. This allows us to have a better understanding of the program and each of the service elements we provide.

This training year, The Hume Center has further developed its department of Program Evaluation and Research. This department serves dual purposes within the agency, by providing evaluation of the structure and delivery of services provided by The Hume Center and facilitating research in general performed at the agency.

Beginning earlier this summer, we have created, implemented and analyzed a Burnout Survey inside the agency in order to assess for and address professional burnout at all levels of the organization. New methods of evaluating and tracking programs have also been implemented in both the School Based Program and the Integrated Intensive Community Outpatient Program. Existing data was gathered in the latter program and presented at an Alameda County Level II Providers Summit to showcase the successes and challenges that have been encountered.

Both short and long term plans exist for program evaluation to continue to be implemented across the agency in order to improve service delivery. In addition, facilities are being developed for individuals at all levels of the agency to perform original research based on the services we provide in order to contribute to the field of Psychology as a whole.

By: Brian Newton, Psy.D.
Program Evaluation & Research
October, 2012

Previous Research Studies Done at The Hume Center

We have a history of trainees conducting dissertation studies on our programs.