Joty Sikand, PsyD
Joty Sikand, PsyD has been at The Hume Center since 1997. She started at The Hume Center as a doctoral practicum student trainee after already holding two Masters degrees, one in counseling psychology and one in clinical psychology and specializations in organizational psychology and marriage, child and family therapy. She then quickly rose to be the Coordinator of Training and Prevention Services and, after a nationwide search, was made the President in 2004. She has created a fiscally responsible and stable agency, acquired over a dozen new contracts and started several new programs, including Mental Health Promotion and Prevention programs, Mental Health Consultation (MHC) training programs while also implementing Systems Integration amongst human service provider settings. She has inspired an agency where trainees grow tremendously and want to stay to continue their training and career.

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Mission Statement

Promote the psychological well being of the community we serve through implementation of services to assist the development of community based Peer Consultation self help groups, to strengthen existing resources in the community by provision of Behavioral Health Consultation, to provide the highest quality of culturally sensitive Behavioral Health Psychotherapy services to underserved and un-served populations, to provide training to mental health professionals and to utilize and share program evaluation processes for assurance of quality in each service.


The staff of The Hume Center believes:

  • In the inherent potential for ongoing growth and maturation of all people.
  • That psychological pain, dysfunction, and symptoms are teachers, signaling the arrest of our ability to be engaged in the fulfillment of life.
  • That with acceptance and the proper therapeutic support, provided in an atmosphere of respect and multicultural competence, people can heal, learn new ways to deal with difficulties, and lead satisfying lives.

Hume Center's Biography

Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center (aka The Hume Center) founded in 1993 started as an Outpatient program serving the unserved population in Central Contra Costa County and quickly expanded its scope as a federally certified Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) which now offers 15 programs across five clinics providing comprehensive behavioral health services in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Santa Clara counties.  The Hume Center strives to create an environment of psychological well-being both internally for our work community and externally for the community the Center serves, with special consideration for the under- and un-served, through practicing an enabling consultation process. The Hume Center believes in serving communities through strengthening existing and developing new resources; providing the highest caliber of culturally sensitive behavioral health services, professional training, and clinical research; and focusing on consistent improvement through outcomes, data-based quality assurance, and program evaluation.

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The Hume Center has come a long way since it was founded in 1993 as Neurobehavioral Psychological Services, Inc.

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