Why Join Our Mailing List

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why we would like you to consider joining our mailing list:

  1. It's Relevant
    We don't just send out a newsletter just to send one or to meet a pre-determined schedule. We wait until we have plenty of relevant and impactful information to share before we decide to send correspondence.
  2. It's Varied
    The Hume Center provides services and training over a vast continuum of services, so why should our newsletter be any different? We make sure that when we send out an email that has something in there for everyone.
  3. It's Easy to Unsubscribe
    Whenever you decide you want to unsubscribe from our email lists, it's easy and safe to do since we use industry leading solutions for our email marketing and event management.
  4. We Appreciate You
    As they say in the airline industry, we understand you have many options when it comes to choosing what email lists to sign up for and we appreciate you've chosen ours! The Hume Center values partnering with those who have a stake in the lives of those we serve and aims to strengthen communities and systems to prevent psychological suffering. We want this email list to be the beginning of our relationship with you and not the extent of it, and hope to partner with you in person.
  5. It's Award Winning
    Constant Contact awarded The Hume Center with its 2012 Constant Contact All Star Award and stated that our efforts to engage with you were exemplary! This award is only given to the top 10 percent of Constant Contact users and we feel it reflects the quality, time, and effort we put into engaging with the community to support our agency, the community, and the systems, consumers, and professionals that help our clients on their journey to wellness.

Want to see for yourself? Check out this archive of our newsletters and other stories by clicking here.


So if these five reasons have convinced you to join our mailing list, just enter your email in the Subscribe to our Newsletter component on our homepage and throughout this site. Or you can text HUME to 22828 to add your email address by text message.