5th Annual South Asian Mental Health Conference

The South Asian Mental Health Consortium is a grassroots organization working to bring together those interested in mental health awareness in the South Asian community.  This organization was started by current Hume employee, Dr. Preet Kaur Sabharwal and Hume alumni, Dr. Nina Kaur in 2016 when they were clinical psychology graduate students. Dr. Sabharwal and Dr. Kaur had come into the field with a strong interest in working with the South Asian community but during the course of their education they struggled to find mentors within the profession. They also struggled to advocate for research on South Asian Mental Health. Being avid conference attendees, Dr. Sabharwal and Dr. Kaur realized there were not many spaces provided in other psychological associations to discuss South Asian Mental Health topics, specifically around breaking stigmas and increasing access to care for South Asian communities. An attempt to find allies, mentors and spaces to discuss South Asian mental health topics, the South Asian Mental Health Consortium was created.
This year, Dr. Sabharwal and Dr. Kaur have welcomed three new board members who are all Hume alumni: Dr. Akshay Naresh, Dr. Nithya Narayan and Priya Aslam, MA.  The South Asian Mental Health Consortium is hosting their 5th Annual South Asian Mental Health Conference on March 12th and March 13th.  This two-day virtual conference will consist of symposiums, poster presentations, difficult dialogues, panel discussion and art exhibits.  The conference will bring high school/undergraduate/graduate students, providers, professors, community leaders, and community organizations together to increase mental health awareness within the South Asian community.  
Please see the registration page at https://register5thannual.eventbrite.com for more details and to sign up!