Training Department

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 The Hume Center appreciates the trainees who give so much of themselves to the betterment of those we serve and the communities we impact. The Hume Center is greatly enhanced each year by these trainees and values their hard work and the uniqueness each brings to our learning community. The agency is proud that all of its programs have been developed by trainees, as this is the ultimate example of how the agency is enhanced through those it trains. In honor of the impact each and every trainee has on this agency and the local area, The Hume Center proudly hosts a splendid graduation ceremony and feast toward the end of each training year. Each trainee who is on track to successfully complete the training year is honored. In order to highlight examples of the impact we hope our trainees will continue to have in their communities in their future careers, we also honor special guests and community leaders that exemplify The Hume Center's Mission Statement. As a symbol of graduation, each trainee who graduates receives a limited edition Hume Center Mug with a quote from our founder on it. The quote changes each year. Want to see what quotes were on it in the past?

The tables are set for another grand graduation ceremony next year. Will you be one of the graduates?