Quotes from Our Founder, Meji Singh, PhD


As a symbol of graduation, each trainee who graduates receives a limited edition Hume Center Mug with a quote from our founder Meji Singh, PhD on it. The quote changes each year.

2010-2011: Healing is not what we do to them. It is how we change our own reaction and feelings in relationship to them.

2011-2012: The clients create their own reality in relationship to the psychotherapists. It is the psychotherapist’s response that is different from the client’s expectations that brings about change.

2012-2013: Notice and explore.

2013-2014: Through psychotherapy, if we understand the suffering our clients have experienced and the way they have coped which may have resulted in symptoms and labels, then through that process they can learn her ways to be more satisfied and productive.

2014-2015: No implementation without participation.

2015-2016: You must anchor yourself. You cannot unload a ship in a storm.

2016-2017: How can you get someone to a place when you aren’t listening to where they want to go?

2017-2018: If we recognize our interconnectedness, we will find peace.

2018-2019: Gala Water Glass -
"The healing process takes place in the context of a relationship." ~Meji Singh, PhD, Founding President
“It takes a community to heal a community.” ~Joty Sikand, PsyD, President

2019-2020: If you only treat symptoms, you're just chasing shadows.

2020-2021: Instead of listening to judge, listen to understand where the person is coming from.