2010, Psychologist

2008, Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

Areas of Specialization:
Adults Diagnosed with Severe Mental Illness
Behavioral Health Consultation
Program Development
Prevention and Early Intervention
Systems Approaches
Community Organizing
Peer Providers

Chris Celio's Archived Headlines

Christopher J. Celio, PsyD

Dr. Celio is a Director of Clinical Programs at The Hume Center, with oversight over Hume's three Contra Costa clinics in Pittsburg, Concord, and Richmond. Dr. Celio, who started working in the mental health field in 2001 and originally trained to be a Child Psychologist, found his calling when he joined The Hume Center as a Pre-Doctoral Intern in 2007. While this shifted his focus to serving adults diagnosed with serious mental illness, he brought with him an emphasis on the family and other systems that the consumer is a part of and a creative spirit that believes that healing and recovery can come through many surprising and outside-of-the-box pathways, beliefs, and persons.

Upon licensure in 2010, Dr. Celio was hired as a staff psychologist in Hume's Contra Costa Outpatient Services and Partial Hospitalization Program programs and also provided supervision in the School Based Program. He has served as the Development Coordinator for Hume Center since 2011. In 2014, he partnered with Dr. Gilbert Weisman to create and implement the Community Support Program in East Contra Costa, Hume Center's first Full Service Partnership Program.

Dr. Celio also helped expand Contra Costa Outpatient Services to Prevention and Early Intervention by partnering with People Who Care to offer the clinical prevention, early intervention, and psychotherapy services within their groundbreaking afterschool program for high-risk youth in Pittsburg.

After experiencing the positive impact of bringing in speakers from NAMI  In Our Own Words, WREACH Speakers Bureau, Putnam Clubhouse, Rainbow Community Center, and RI International, he helped create Mental Wellness Night with the Sharks, where consumer and family member art was displayed at a San Jose Sharks game to help the fans experience what Mental Health Stigma and Mental Wellness look like artistically. From there, he joined the Community Living Room Conversation (CLRC) task force of the Behavioral Healthcare Partnership and helped produce four CLRC events, all of which included consumers, family members, and providers as equal voices around the table. Dr. Celio is proud to be part of the coalition of agencies that helped start the annual Hope Cup Softball Tournament and Annual Bowling Tournament, where consumers, family members, and providers involved at over eight agencies compete together to restore hope, reduce stigma, and show that we're all in this together.

He has been teaching at Contra Costa Behavioral Health's Office for Consumer Empowerment's SPIRIT Program since 2011 and has been recently teaching at SPIRIT and various other agencies and community forums on the topics of Communication Skills, Clinical Boundaries, and Self-Care/Burnout Prevention. Dr. Celio was proud to be awarded the Hope Award by the SPIRIT Classes of 2017 and 2018 and the Community Partnership Award by the Putnam Clubhouse. He would like to remind everyone that "Hope has been proven to be contagious, so pass it on!"