Case Managers to Care Coordinators: Updating a Job Title in Honor of the Dignity of Those We Serve and the Legacy of Jay Mahler

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month and the legacy of Jay Mahler, Hume Center is proud to announce that we have changed the titles of our Case Managers to now be called Care Coordinators. Our Care Coordinator positions also include Peer Specialists, Family Partners, Housing Specialists, Substance Use Specialists, Rapid Resolution Specialists, and Housing Navigators. Of the several reasons for this change, one of the driving forces is our agreement with this statement that Jay Mahler famously advocated: "I am not a case. I am do not need to be managed."
We are excited about this upgrade to more a empowering job title, as it better reflects the dignity of those we serve, their agency in their lives, and their expertise in their suffering, healing, and recovery.
If you didn't get the honor of getting to know Jay, please click here to watch a video of Jay Mahler and Sandy Zinman called Every Mind Matters or read this column on his life and legacy.