Summer Breeze Concert for Community Wellness attracted 200+ viewers!

May 29, 2020

On May 29, 2020, ten performers performed for over 200 people on the Zoom stage in the Summer Breeze Concert for Community Wellness! Please help us thank David SerotkinClarisse SaamPatrick Duffy, Roberto Roman, Bryan Munar, John Hazen and Daniel Harris of Across Party LinesLacey Rae, KC Dela Cruz, and Natalie Amaya for the tremendous concert they put on that got summer kicked off right and helped everyone feel a little lighter.

You can watch the concert as it was streamed to Facebook Live by clicking here.





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Did you miss our workshop on how to cope with strong feelings due to COVID-19? Click here to download the powerpoint slides for the presentation as a PDF. Feel free to distribute to whoever you'd like.