Program's Services for Children Expanded; Implements Charting Tool

Our Alameda County Outpatient Program is pleased to announce that we have expanded
our services to children with the addition of five new trainees and a new licensed supervisor, Dr. Laura Puccis, PsyD. Due to increased funding as a result of the hard work of many people, we have now increased our capacity to deliver much-needed services to children in Alameda County.  Dr. Pucci has begun to provide supplemental group and individual supervision to the clinicians in our
expanded team.

Additionally, ACOP and the Early Childhood and Family Services (ECFS) team have migrated much
of our charting to Clinician's Gateway, an online charting tool.  This migration was the result of months of careful planning, training, and a technical/physical needs assessment conducted
in our Fremont office, and has facilitated our ability to complete chart documentation in an expedient and accurate manner.   We have also expanded our workspace and purchased new computers in order to facilitate this migration.  We are so excited at how both these changes
will increase the scope and quality of the services we provide in our program.

By George Hu, PsyD
ACOP Program Coordinator
March, 2013


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