Art Group Brings Comfort in Richmond

As Hume Center expanded services to Richmond recently, lots of effort went into doing a needs assessmnent as to what the community could benefit from. We offer an outpatient psychotherapy and case management program called Community Integrated Outpatient Services (CIOS). We also have a Community Support Program that provides a Full Service Partnership level of services for West Contra Costa County.

Recently, in response to community needs, our Richmond staff have started an art group that has become quite impactful. The art group focuses on how to express your emotion through art. The client are then able to choose if they want to share what they have created and why. All of the clients have so far loved to share what the meaning behind what they created. It has helped clients with emotional expression and social skills.

Our Richmond Office can be contacted at 510.778.2816 if you are interested in learning more about our services there.