Inspiring Submissions lead to Touching Art Show

Thank You For Your Submissions!

January is Mental Wellness Month so The Hume Center wanted to do its part to increase mental health awareness and support the reduction of stigma related to mental health by creating an annual Art Show! Mental health consumers were invited to submit art, photographs, and poems to help increase Mental Health Awareness.

The Art Show was displayed during Mental Wellness Night on January 27, 2014 as the San Jose Sharks took on the Los Angeles Kings. The chosen submissions had the potential to be seen by 17,000 people! There were over 400 special event tickets sold to the Sharks game, and everyone who bought one was encouraged to stop by the Art Show to receive their Face Off with Mental Wellness Stress Puck, a special gift from the San Jose Sharks.

We were looking for art, photographs, and poems from two categories for submission:

Category 1: Mental Wellness
Can you artistically capture what Mental Wellness means to you in a picture, piece of art, or poem?

Category 2: The Experience of Stigma Related to Mental Health
Stigma related to mental health can be a strong force in our lives. Can you capture the experience of stigma within art, a photograph, or a poem?


We had some wonderful artists, poets, photographers, and crafters submit some wonderful art to the show. We were very proud to display the Art Show and were quite inspired by the artists. So inspired actually that we plan to create a FREE eBookj depicting all of the art for distribution on Amazon.


By: Chris Celio, PsyD
Contra Costa Behavioral Health Treatment Programs Department Head
January, 2013


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