Team Hume Plays Soccer for Hope and Community

Dr. Alex Sanchez of the Partial Hospitalization Program takes on a member of the Putnam Clubhouse at the 2014 NAMI Wellness and Recovery Annual Summer Picnic at Pleasant Hill Park. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Krisch and the Office of Consumer Empowerment.

Celebrating its 24th Year, NAMI Contra Costa's Wellness and Recovery Annual Summer Picnic was yet again a great success. Providers, consumers, and family members turned out in the hundreds at Pleasant Hill Park to celebrate togetherness, battle stigma, and enjoy great camaraderie and food. The Hume Center, in the spirit of we're all in this together, challenged the Putnam Clubhouse to a game of soccer. Large crowds gathered to cheer our team of consumers and staff of our Partial Hospitalization Program. The result was an excellent, good-spirited game of soccer where everyone wearing Hume Blue or Clubhouse White looked like an equal member of their team. This is not unlike services at The Hume Center, where we value everyone's voice at the table and view consumers and their family members as the experts on the treatment team.

After The Hume Center and Clubhouse faced off, Recovery Innovations faced off with SPIRIT interns and graduates for another well-played match! The Hume Center looks forward to more creative and collaborative inter-agency activities to celebrate and enhance the feelings of togetherness, community, inclusiveness, and hope!

Many thanks to Dave Kahler (NAMI Contra Costa), Tamara Hunter (Putnam Clubhouse), Brandon McGuire (Putnam Clubhouse), Hillary Bowers (Recovery Innovations), Susan Medlin (Office of Consumer Empowerment [OCE]), Stephen Boyd (OCE SPIRIT Program), Kimberly Krisch (NAMI Contra Costa/OCE), and Lisa Bruce (OCE) for your assistance in organizing the soccer matches!

By: Christopher Celio, PsyD
Acting Department Manager, Contra Costa Behavioral Health Services Department
June, 2014


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