Leadership in Local Community Development

Hume's Amelia Wood is Giving the Community a Voice in the Northern Waterfront Project

For the past two months, Hume’s Peer Specialist Amelia Wood has been part of a East Contra Costa County Leadership Training Project with the Center for Human Development and Urban Habitat. Project participants have discussed and learned about Land Use, Housing, Transportation, and Local Jobs and Economic Development. In these sessions, they discussed takeaways, barriers, and priorities that they as community advocates believe the community would need and want and how to help the community’s voices be heard. They learned how to facilitate groups and teach others about what they are learning. They all participated in active group discussions and learned about the history of the area. This took everyone out of their comfort zone and into their leadership role with the community. Amelia has been so excited to be a part of this movement and, as she has been an active leader in the community for years, she would really want to see the people in the community thrive and not become displaced and looks forward to continuing with the Northern Waterfront Project.