Hume Center building CC Provider Network with Community Partners

The CC Provider Network is a set of integrated tools to help providers become more efficient, more effective, and more connected. The problem this aims to solve is that all providers have their own resource binders that are almost immediately out of date and could never hold all the information they need to know. The excitement behind CC Provider Network can be seen in the examples below:

  • Imagine a living resource guide where everyone is feeding forms like applications and referral forms so that you always have the right form to connect a consumer to a resource.
  • Imagine you want to help a client feel comfortable going to a new provider and you can download their most recent schedule to show them exactly what their experience would be like there.
  • Imagine you’re in the field and can have immediate access to that information on your smartphone.
  • Imagine there’s one calendar where important events relevant to providers are shared in one place.
  • Imagine it’s all free!

This is a community project launched by several community agencies. Do you want to join as your agency's representative? Or are you a resource export that wants to share what you've learned with fellow providers? Are you a provider whow ants acccess to this growing database and other tools? Emall This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join CC Provider Network!