Community Integrated Outpatient Services

      CIOS is a step-down program from Community Support Program

Community Integrated Outpatient Services (CIOS) (aka West County Outpatient) provides a comprehensive range of psychotherapy and case management services in West Contra Costa County to adults with serious, chronic mental disabilities. A program funded by Medi-Cal through Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS), Behavioral Health Division.  

West County Outpatient functions as a step-down in the level of intensive community outreach services received by clients through the Hume Center’s West County Full Service Partnership program and referrals from the County for moderate to severe clients.

It recognizes the stabilization achieved by clients that allows them to participate in consistent weekly psychotherapy and ongoing case management services.  Services occur in appropriate county locations including the home, the community, and in our clinics.  The Hume Center employs a client-centered approach to individualized services to help those with chronic mental health disabilities increase their sense of wellbeing and gain greater independence within their communities.

In 2015, The Hume Center was awarded the contract to take over the West Contra Costa County Full Service Partnership program from the vacating provider, Rubicon.  When awarded the West county contract, a separate contract was put out for competitive bidding and awarded to the Hume Center for an Outpatient Mental Health Services (OMHS) program funded by Contra Costa Behavioral Health Services (CCBHS).  The program transitioned 75 Rubicon Wellness and Recovery Continuum (WRC) clients to the newly created Hume Center Community Integrated Outpatient Services (CIOS.) 

The vision of CIOS is to provide and embed stabilization and wellness tools that will assist the diverse adult population of chronic severe mental health disability clients live meaningful, community integrated, balanced lives.

Assessment:  A clinician will assess current mental health issues and work with to collaboratively design a treatment plan that will address these issues.

Individual Psychotherapy:  Ongoing psychotherapy services with an assigned clinician to support treatment goals and maintain improvements in mental health.

Case Management Services:  Ongoing case management with an assigned case manager to assist with accessing county and community services such as psychiatric appointments and housing support, as well as the practice of learned coping skills in daily environment.

Utilization of Family and Couples Therapy as needed.

Group Psychotherapy:  psychotherapy groups can be accessed through the West Contra Costa Behavioral Health clinic currently, and will be established in CIOS in 2018.

Program Manager:  Margaret Schiltz, PsyD

Office Number: (510) 778-2816