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Concord Outpatient Services

Miguel Hidalgo-Barnes, PsyD
Clinic Program Manager

To Contact This Program:
Call (925) 825-1793
This Service is Offered at:
Concord Clinic
Services are available in English.

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Hume Center's Contra Costa Programs
Eligibility Criteria:
Medi-Cal, Medicare, Medi-Medi, and some private health insurance with pre-authorization. We offer a Private Pay with Sliding Scale option with income verification.

This matrix details the eligibility in our programs in Contra Costa County and the differences between each program:
Contra Costa Programs Matrix 3.2018
Services are Provided by:
Staff and trainees receiving supervision by licensed psychologists.
Archived Headlines About This Program:

Concord Outpatient Services

Our outpatient program aims to help our clients reduce or remove the psychological suffering they face every day. The program provides an individualized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each client while incorporating and enhancing the larger support structures that support them throughout the majority of the week. Our trainees, who are supervised by highly trained and licensed clinical psychologists, collaboratively work toward lasting health and stability. We provide psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and children, through cultural- and language-specific services, including:


Your therapist will work with you to assess what issues you are facing and how they are affecting your everyday life. You and your therapist will then collaboratively design treatment goals to address these issues and a treatment plan will be developed.

Individual Psychotherapy:

After assessing your specific needs, individual psychotherapy will probably be offered to support you toward your treatment goals. Your therapist will aim to create a safe place where the work you do each week in psychotherapy will enhance your life and shed new awareness and insights on questions you may have been asking yourself for a while

Couples Psychotherapy:

Couples psychotherapy aims to provide a neutral space where you and your partner can work on your relationship together. Your therapist will support the two of you to find your path toward a relationship that enhances both of your lives and brings growth and new experiences to you both.

Family Psychotherapy:

Families are systems, and sometimes the whole system needs to work together to work itself out of an issue. In family psychotherapy, your therapist will work to enable the whole family to find new ways to relate to each other and strengthen the family system.

Group Psychotherapy:

Group psychotherapy can be a powerful support to the members of the group. Each session, you will have the opportunity to provide support to others and gain support from those same people. Offering support to others and accepting the difficulties they are facing can help you go a long way toward finding your own way through your own suffering. Call for information on our current groups being offered.


This program is staffed by licensed psychologists, psychiatric providers, a registered nurse, a case manager, and highly trained clinicians and trainees. The Hume Center is a recognized internship site and services are provided by trainees who are supervised by licensed clinicians.

History of This Program:

The Hume Center was initially incorporated as Neurobehavioral and Psychological Institute (NPI) in 1993. Contra Costa Outpatient Program was the first program delivered by what was soon called The Hume Center. As the agency expanded and developed a broader continuum of care, this program has consistently provided continuing psychotherapy services to support the local community. In 2001, the program expanded out to East County by opening an additional clinic in Pittsburg. In 2019, the program expanded to provide Medi-Cal Services.