Professional Development

Chris Celio, Psy.D.
Interim Training Director
If you have any questions related to Professional Development, including CEUs,and the Mental Health Consultation Training Institute, please utilize the Contact Us page to email or call Dr. Natasha Molony.

Community Behavioral Health Training Center Certificate Series

Community Behavioral Health Training Center Certificate Series
Hume's Founder, Meji Singh, PhD, launched the Community Behavioral Health Training Center at The Hume Center in 2017. 
Before founding The Hume Center, Dr. Meji Singh, was once the Assistant Director of California's Center for Training in Community Psychiatry and Mental Health Administration. The Center trained professionals from all over the Bay Area, the state, and eventually the world from Community Behavioral Health services and administration.
This certificate program gives behavioral health professionals the chance to earn a Community Behavioral Health Specialist certificate after attending the full series. For more information, please see this Announcement Letter from our President, Dr. Joty Sikand.