Lunchtime Karate for Community Wellness on 4/16/2020

We kept the ball rolling with these Lunchtime half-hour community events with some karate on April 16th! We invited Sensei Geoff Mires, a 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Shorin Ryu Karate from Mires Martial Arts in Concord (, to facilitate a lighthearted beginners karate workshop* to get everyone moving and laughing while we cope through this Stay Home order together. This public zoom event focused on getting everyone moving the best they could and having fun with light karate warm-ups and simple beginners karate and kick boxing moves. Everyone who participated truly enjoyed getting a chance to move around again, laugh, and join together in community online. Thank you Sensei Geoff Mires for a wonderful event that left everyone a little lighter and happier!

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* Participate in Lunchtime Karate at your own risk. Karate is a physical activity that includes natural physical risks to those participating. Mires Martial Arts, Hume Center, and Sensei Geoff Mires take no liability for everyone’s health, injuries, or ability to complete the light warm ups and karate drills without injury. Participate at whatever ability and level you're able to, and remember that the goal is community fellowship.