Professional Development

Natasha Molony, PhD
Training Director
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A Look at one of our Training Curriculums

The Hume Center aims to practice prevention and consultation at each level of the organization and the Contra Costa Outpatient Services program is no exception to this standard. The Outpatient Program aims to train clinicians and provide psychotherapy services to the community. The Outpatient Program provides training for Practicum Students, Interns and Fellows.

The training program involves weekly individual supervision, didactics and case consultation. Each level of training is tailored to meet requirements of individual schools, CAPPIC member standards, the interests of the trainee, and--most importantly--the needs of the consumers we serve. Throughout the training year, prevention and consultation are incorporated into the program. The didactic schedule includes theories of human development and psychotherapy, ideas and techniques employed in the practice of community psychotherapy. Initially, practical needs are addressed such as documentation, obtaining informed consent, and billing. This is followed by presentations regarding crisis management reporting laws, confidentiality, and other clinical legal and ethical issues. Guest speakers are invited to speak about subjects such as resiliency, strength-based techniques, collaborative assessment, diagnostic and treatment issues regarding diagnoses such as PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Anxiety. Later in the training year, topics may include preparing for licensure, termination and transferring of patients.  Multiculturalism and serving specific population needs are considered across all trainings. Throughout the year trainees are encouraged to present topics of interest to them and help to decide what would be helpful topics to be presented.

The Outpatient program provides psychotherapy to our community and accepts patients facing a wide range of challenges with the belief that everyone should be treated with kindness and respect. Some of the challenges that our patients are facing include depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, developmental concerns, management of medications, family communication, parenting  and other issues in which support is useful. Our goal is to promote trust and safety in therapy and to collaborate with other care providers of the patients.

By: Mary LaGue, PsyD
Contra Costa Outpatient Services Program Manager 
April, 2013


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